Beautiful & Great  -  Jet Malek

But Why?

Three Categories

  Jet Malek was born and raised with her five siblings in the Northeastern United States, and is an experienced world traveler. She derives her inspiration from the amazing people she has met and the many places and cultures that they come from. 

  Jet Malek has been drawing, as well as creating stories both on paper and aloud, since she was a three-year-old. Many years of experience and an education combined have made her into the ever-growing writer that she is today. 

  • "What is the point of all of this?"
  • "This is the Internet. There won't stop being bad things just because you're looking for good."
  • "Nothing's ever going to be perfect. You can't just call things Beautiful & Great all of the time and ignore their flaws.

  While I don't know if you've ever experienced these types of questions, I can assure you that I have-- primarily through my own thoughts. And whenever I believe these arguments, I tend to stop creating. It becomes a struggle to keep on going, and I nearly relinquish my existence; moving through life, practically giving up without outright surrendering. 

  While I don't know about you, I can say that, for me, it takes constant effort in order to not to let my self-criticisms win. If I focus on how things I've made currently are- truly flawed- instead of how I'd like to make them- their absolute best- then I lose out on the elevating hope that I need in order to continue. 

  Not everyone struggles with positivity like me. Beautiful & Great might not offer you much. But if there is one person out there, who is even a little like me- if you've ever had to deal with long-term self-hatred, too- I'd like this site to be a place where you might feel relieved-- and where you might find the inspiration to create anew. 

Here We Are, Beautiful & Great:  Stray Stories Made by Many

  Between every starting point and end is a journey. And every journey is made up of steps forward, slips backward, and even pauses. 

  This is why the world of Stray exists. 

  Stray is the world that holds all of the thoughts we've once had. For example: have you ever, as a Human on Earth,  started a project-- but then stopped it partway? (I know I have.) Thoughts from that project are among some of those that you will find living on Stray. 

  All storytellers are invited to share their creations, Beautiful & Great, that are set on the planet Stray: where the lost thoughts of any Earth Human become real. Submit your entries through your favorite social media; they might be featured here as well. 

About the Artist

Here I Am, Beautiful & Great:  Stray Stories by Jet Malek

  All of my fictional works are set on Stray, a world where former thoughts of Earth Humans live. 

  This world keeps me the most flexibly creative-- I hope that it grants you the same freedom as a reader, viewer, or storyteller. 

  Above is an example of an illustration that I made.

  I am Jet Malek, a multimedia author and illustrator. I like to create things that are entertaining and uplifting, and I admire so many others who have done similarly through their own work.

  This website is a place where I like to showcase anything Beautiful & Great that I've either made or discovered. To paraphrase an Article of Faith: I believe in doing good to all, and if I find anything lovely or praiseworthy, I seek to understand it and strive to tell you about it. 

What is "Beautiful & Great"?

  Jet Malek would like to thank her family for all of their loving support: parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, in-laws, aunt, and uncle as well.

How You Are Beautiful & Great:  Creative Works Made by Many

  Whenever I find something useful, eye-opening and positive, I would like to feature it here-- because other people have made and shared so many beautiful and great things worth knowing.